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I currently teach courses to Undergraduate students at Kenan-Flagler.

An award-winning teacher, I have won the Tanner Award for Teaching Excellence, UNC-wide teaching award (2015) and the Kenan-Flagler Weatherspoon Award for Undergraduate Teaching (in 2018). 

BUSI 188 and 189: Foundations of Leadership 

Through the process of action, reflection, experimentation, and application, these courses aim to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. To achieve these specific learning objectives, this course uses various experiential, action learning approaches through case studies, lectures, discussions, experiential exercises, videos, and guest speakers. 

BUSI 188 and 189: Foundations of Leadership 

By leveraging the best insights of psychology, sociology, and economics, this cours focuses on helping students become effective leaders and managers. Over 14 weeks, students are given an introduction to the basic concepts and topics in organizational behavior (OB) and management. The course focuses on OB at three levels: individual, groups/teams, and organizational. I start at the individual level, covering personality, motivation, and decision-making. I then turn to the group/team level, covering negotiation, power  and team effectiveness. Finally, I move up to the organizational level, covering leadership, managing change, and organizational culture.

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