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My work has been published in  Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Psychological Science, as well as featured in BBC, TIME, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Good Morning America, and Harvard Business Review to name a few.

Much of my research is conducted with current and former doctoral students at Kenan- Flagler and I won the Kenan-Flagler Weatherspoon Award for PhD Mentoring in 2021. My doctoral students have been placed at Duke University (Angelica Leigh), Florida International University (Tali Kapadia), Notre Dame University (Casher Belinda) and University of Virginia (Ayana Younge).

Scroll below to access my published papers

Published Papers

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about any of the papers below. Click the PDF icons to download

Leigh, A. & Melwani S. Am I Next? The Spillover Effects of Mega-Threats on Avoidance Behaviors at Work. (2022). Academy of Management Journal: Special Research Forum - Joining Conversations in the Society on Management and Organizations, 65, 720-748.

Guarana, C. Rothman, S., & Melwani, S. (2022). Taking Advantage of Cognitive and Behavioral Flexibility: The Effects of Ambivalence on Leadership Processes. Personnel Psychology, 1-32.

Melwani, S. & Rothman, N. (2021). The Upsides of Frenemies: The Functional Effects of Ambivalent Relationships on Task and Contextual Performance. (In press). Journal of Applied Psychology, 107, 707-723.

Kapadia, T+. & Melwani, S. (2021). More Tasks, More Ideas: A Dual Pathway Model of the Influence of Multitasking on Subsequent Creativity (2021). Journal of Applied Psychology, 106, 542-559.

Leigh, A. & Melwani, S. (2019). Black Employees Matter at Work: An Affective-Cognitive Model of Mega-threats in Organizations. Academy of Management Review: Special Topics Forum on Diversity in Organizations, 44, 564-591.

Mueller, J. S., Melwani, S., Loewenstein, J. & Deal, J. A Tale of Two Creativities: Why the Roles We Assign to Create and Evaluate Ideas Shape Creativity Assessments. (2018) Academy of Management Journal, 61 (1), 94-110.

Methot, J.*, Melwani, S* & Rothman, N. (2017). The Space Between Us: A Social Emotions’ Perspective of Workplace Relationships Quality and Dynamics. Journal of Management 2017 Review Issue, 43, 1789-1819. (* denotes shared first-author)

Rothman, N.B. & Melwani, S. Feeling Mixed, Ambivalent, and Erratic: The Social Functions of Emotional Complexity in Organizational Life (2017). Academy of Management Review, Special Issue on Integrating Affect and Emotion in Management Theory, 42, 259-282

Mueller, J., Melwani, S. & Goncalo, J. (2012). The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire but Reject Creative Ideas. Psychological Science, 23, 13-17.

Melwani, S & Barsade, S. G. (2011). Held in Contempt: The Psychological, Interpersonal and Performance Outcomes of Contempt in a Work Setting. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,101, 503-520.

Filipowicz, A., Barsade, S. & Melwani, S. (2011). Understanding Emotional Transitions: The Interpersonal Consequences of Changing Emotions in Negotiations. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 541-556.

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